What we do

Our team at Intellimeter is dedicated to engineering industry-leading sub-metering systems that equip you with the accurate information you need for better energy and utility management. Our patented products enable you to monitor and track your electrical, gas, BTU and water usage in real-time. You can see exactly where and when you’re using energy, and you can take immediate and measurable action on your utility spend, rather than waiting for your next bill.

We are continually refining, evolving and expanding our line of patented energy management systems to suit the industry and our clients’ specific needs, so let us help you find the best metering solutions to optimize your profits, reduce your carbon emissions and improve your overall building operations.

We’re fully accredited as a certified meter testing and sealing facility by Measurement Canada—an achievement typically reserved for utilities and larger corporations.

We have ISO 9001:2008 certification—a testament to our commitment to superior quality and management principles.

We meet LEED requirements on energy sub metering, and we’re well regarded for our innovative work with sustainability programs such as Green Initiative and Smart Grid applications.

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